There are currently sound drivers for these sound chips:

  • New driver for various PCI sound chips by Ruslan Starodubov (14 November 2014)

  • Adlib sound card
  • Sound Blaster or compatible sound chip (you can try this one if the built in driver doesn't work)
  • Creative EMU10K1 chips (used with Sound Blaster Live! cards)
  • Cirrus Logic 4281
  • PC speaker driver (Note that the quality is low and that it doesn't work under Windows)
  • Driver for various motherboards with VIA chipset
  • Sound Blaster Live 24

    Download the driver for your sound chip and copy it into the directory in which QV.EXE is. You can then use this driver using the -WE$x command where x is the driver name.
    Example: QV -WE$SPEAKER.SDR

    These drivers were provided by Alex Hint
    If you're seriously interested to write a QuickView driver for your sound card and to release it to the public then please contact the author for the API.
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    Last updated on 29 July 2016